Francine Matarazzo

For over a decade now I have been creating paintings and works on paper that reflect my travels and time residing in the Middle East and North Africa. I paint abstractly to re-capture that time, its feelings and intensity. Days, months and years of a camera’s eye are tucked away in my history – a history with footprints in Iran, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Afghanistan, and India, all places whose palpability has long since yielded to interpretation through color and texture. As fragmented, complex and layered as these memories are, so too are the surfaces of my art. Calligraphic markings, smudges, swirls, bits of canvas, torn pieces of old notebooks, strips of painted mylar, dabs of paint, pieces of cloth, all enhanced in a spectrum of color, all stand-ins for a long ago reality. They claim their places of desert skies, sun-scorched sands, gardens, courtyards, souks, mountains, valleys, villages, people and events. Texture upon texture, layer upon layer, indigo on saffron, turquoise on alizarin, they form my bridges to the past, bridges that invite the viewer to step across with me in time and join me in my memories. 



Born: Bridgeport, Connecticut

Lives and works in Los Angeles, California



B.A. Fine Arts, Emmanuel College, Boston, MA

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA (post-grad work in painting)

UCLA (graduate work in applied linguistics)



2014 College of the Canyons Art Gallery, Santa Clarita, CA

2009 Audis Husar Fine Art, Beverly Hills, CA

2006 Art Expressions Gallery, San Diego

2004 Double Vision Gallery, Los Angeles

2000 Carson Masuoka Gallery, Denver, CO

1997 Sandy Carson Gallery, Denver, CO

1996 Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1992 Modernism, San Francisco, CA

1990 Cynthia Drennon/Fine Arts, Los Angeles

         Sandy Carson Gallery, Denver, CO

1989 Levinson Kane Gallery, Boston, MA

1988 Gallery 454 North, Los Angeles

         Galerie Sigma, Bregenz, Austria

1987 Gallery 454 North, Los Angeles



 2012 Goodwin Fine Art, Denver CO

2010 Calabasas Library, “Art in Public Places”, Calabasas, CA

2010 Audis Husar Fine Art, Beverly Hills, CA

2008 ARSG, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

2001 Sandy Carson Gallery, Denver, CO

1990 “LA, NY, ME,” Hobe Sound Galleries, North Brunswick, ME

         “East Bound, West Bound,” Korean Cultural Service, Los Angeles

1989 Galerie Sigma, Vienna, Austria

1988 “P. Alexander, G. Dill, L.J. Dill, F. Matarazzo,” Roberts Art Gallery,

          Santa Monica, CA

1987 Alpha Gallery, Denver, CO

        “Explorations 21,” Roberts Art Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1986 Gallery 454 North, Los Angeles

1985 “Omar, Draeger, Matarazzo,” Roberts Art Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1983 “Art in LA,” Welton Becket Associates, Los Angeles

          “Selections from the Permanent Collection,” Cedars-Sinai

          Medical Center, LA

1982 “Bluhm, Matarazzo,” Hunsacker/Schlesinger Gallery, Los Angeles

1981 “On and with Paper,” Carson/Sapiro Gallery, Denver, CO

1980 “Works on Paper,” Carson/Sapiro Gallery, Denver, CO        



New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT

Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA



Amoco, Denver, CO

AT&T Data

Ashton Tate, Torrance, CA

American Bell, Englewood, CO

Arnold & Porter, Los Angeles

Bank of America, San Francisco, CA

Blank Rome LLP

Cedars -Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles

Coldwell Banker, Indianapolis; Dallas; NYC; Hartford, CT; Charlotte, NC

Crocker Bank, Los Angeles

Crowell Moring LLP, Los Angeles

Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP

First National Bank of Boston, Boston MA and Idaho

HBO Communications Center, Long Island, NY

ICM, Los Angeles

Jones’ Intercable, Denver, CO, New York City

Krupp Organization, Dallas, TX

Arnold, Porter, Los Angeles

Levine Neale Bender Brill & Rankin

Loeb & Loeb, Los Angeles

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Moody & Associates, Alabama

Price Waterhouse, Inc., Los Angeles

Rayme Kahn Spire  

Riordan & McKenzie, Los Angeles

Security Pacific National Bank, Los Angeles

The Lodge at Paratiho Farms, New Zealand

Wailea Resort, Wailea, Hawaii

Welton Becket, Los Angeles




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